Jeremy Sisto’s Twitter account will make you feel better about life

Jeremy Sisto has always been a diverse and wildly underrated actor.

He rolled with the homies in Clueless, and his incestuous Billy lit up Six Feet Under. He played the dad of a teenage girl in Suburgatory, and himself in various YouTube sketches. He starred in and co-produced a 2004 cyberpunk thriller called Paranoia 2.0, where products at the grocery store are infected with nanomites that force you to buy more of them and talk them up to your friends. He even played a mental patient in a short film with his mom. Right now, he has a new show, FBI, on CBS.

Unlike a lot of people, he’s also great on Twitter. He won’t yell at you. He won’t tell you that you’re stupid. Jeremy Sisto on Twitter is your new best friend who makes you laugh, invite you over for barbecues and tell you that you’re a beautiful person in a way that makes you believe it.

Here are some Sisto Twitter highlights.

He asks thought-provoking questions.

He still answers questions about movies he made 23 years ago.

Someone made a Twitter account for the pencil his character is often holding in FBI, and he talks to it.

He supports reproductive rights.

…and Indigenous people.

…and is open about his own mental health issues.

He has moments of being random and hilarious.

He unabashedly loves his own show, and he’s so genuinely eager for you to love it too.

He’s also a musician, and he made an album and gave it away for free.

(The link doesn’t work anymore, but it happened.)

He drops profound truths.

And then there’s his Instagram.

Photo: @jeremysisto on Twitter.

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